Green Leaders

About the project

The main aim of the project "Green leaders - active youth participation vs. global environmental and climate change" is to gather experience, information and knowledge on sustainability from different stakeholders such as local NGOs, local municipalities and institutions, regional authorities, international organizations and non-organized youth during several activities with an aim to create guidelines on how to reduce the environmental impact in projects lead for/by young people and create events closer to zero environmental impact on globe and encourage building the local/regional networks of different stakeholders.

Project has been realized between 2011 and 2014 and it took place in 5 countries (Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Netherlands) gathering 7 partners of different profile (Municipality, International Youth Organisation, Organisation for youth, Local youth organisation, National Youth Networks) who brought different expertise and experience on sustainability. During the 2 years of the project, 15 different activities (Coordination Activities, Training Courses, Job Shadowing, Seminar, Networking building activities, Online activities, etc) were implemented reaching 950 participants of different profile and minimum of 50 different stakeholders in all partners' countries through the new established local network platforms.